This may be the most obvious, but no list of things to do at the Lily Festival would be complete without mentioning the star of the show – the Lily. While you have likely seen prints of the lily in various places or noticed it used in advertising and magazine articles, seeing it in person is worth the trip. Perfect for any group, the trips to the lilies appeal to young and old alike.

The festival offers the opportunity to see the lilies as close as you wish. After the morning activities on Main Street, shuttles are available for transport to the river. A short walk from the drop off point and you will begin seeing small stands of lilies. Walk a little longer and you will see larger stands. While the current in the river is often quite swift, some of the more adventurous attendees wade out among the rocks to see the lilies first hand.

If you want to see an even larger stand of lilies, canoeing is the best option. The Cahaba River Society provides canoes for rent on the day of the festival. The ride is self guided as you float down the river through the lilies.